• Engineering services for
    .NET nanoFramework

    We want to become your partner for consulting, design, development and training

  • Pharmacies

    To meet the legal requerements for monitoring and recording temperature

  • Laboratories

    Temperature monitoring and recording during the transport, storage and processing of samples

  • iButton Thermochron
    and Hygrochron

    The smallest digital loggers in the world!

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.NET nanoFramework

.NET nanoFramework is a free and Open Source platform that enables writing .NET C# applications for constrained embedded devices.
Eclo Solutions CEO is the founder of the project and core team lead. Our developer team is highly engaged with the project, working for it on a daily basis.
.NET nanoFramework has become strategic to the company and is part of our core competencies. Because of our involvement on the project our highly skilled and proficient team is able to:

  • Provide engineering services to help third party companies to develop projects based in .NET nanoFramework.
  • Develop .NET nanoFramework applications in C#, low level coding of drivers and processing intensive tasks.
  • Customize existing features and core functions.
  • Design hardware for products running .NET nanoFramework.
  • Provide training on all levels and .NET nanoFramework tools.

Turn-Key Development

Eclo Solutions has the capability to develop bespoke electronic products and software systems. From the design to manufacturing we can handle all the steps in a product/application development.

Our product line is a good example of what we can do and speaks for itself. We have worked with customers on several custom turn-key projects. Eclo Solutions team members contribute to several Open Source projects with global reach.

If you have an idea or a specific requirement: contact us we would love to help!

Loggers and Thermometers

If you work with frozen foods, perishables, vaccines, drugs or other sensitive products, you know that a few degrees’ variation in temperature, or exposure to excessive moisture levels means the difference between having a quality product or face high costs with losses.

Our product range includes models with different sizes, with or without visual indicators, start and stop buttons, replaceable battery, various memory capacities and accuracy.

We also have loggers suitable for high temperature uses like auto-clave, pasteurization and sterilization.


Simple and efficient temperature and humidity logging!

The new Eclo ExpressThermo for Windows 8/10/11 is here!

This version leverages the features of previous ones and incorporates your valuable feedback, suggestions and wishes. We’ve worked hard to give you the best ExpressThermo ever. Check bellow some of the features we’ve added.

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